For our 1st campaign for the fashion love of all, aimed to show off the beauty, various different shapes,sizes,culture and skin color . We got the idea and brought on women and men of various different races who model straight and plus size, and they all posed together for a photoshoot by ALex Niragira to show the fashion world what it's been missing.

We're excited and loving the new type of diversity represented in this campaign fashion love for all, We're going for women and men of all paths, sizes, culture and colors. We're just planning on pushing the boundaries of what's expected a little more each time.

Uzi Collections

was founded in July 2015 by Rwandans, Nathalie and Laurene, as a result of their passion and love for fashion. Their main focus is to create a brand of impact that empowers young people and to increase the economy of Rwanda through the fashion industry.

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